Dr Joseph Drake-Brockman

Contract Geologist

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I am an exploration geologist with 40 years odd in the mining industry. I have always been a field geologist and much of my work continues to be in the bush - mainly in remote areas of Australia.

Praecido Curriculum Vitae

Early Days

My initial experience was with the Uranerz group in the 1970`s and 80`s where I worked on numerous uranium projects. Working my way up to project geologist on:


I took a break and headed for Germany and South Tirol (Italy) and wrote a doctorial thesis on the sedimentology and mineralogy of U-Cu and Pb-Zn in sandstones guided by Professor Wopfner of Cooper Basin fame.

Back to work - 1988 onwards

After a bit of gold at Marvel Loch --- it was back as a senior uranium geologist with PNC Australia firstly in the Patterson Province targeting the Kintyre unconformity model and later in the Harts Ranges near Alice Springs targeting the metasomatic model. At the end I worked for Paladin Resources on a re-evaluation of uranium in the Frome Basin.

Contracting - 2001 to dato

During the last 17 years I have worked as a contract geologist specializing in mapping in Proterozoic terrains, interpretation of radiometric surveys, compilation of historic data and GIS services. Significant projects included:

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